This is about enclosed long term processing©.  It gives you the freedom not to worry about your toilet system.   It has three parts to it: 

1. feces shrink, slowly and steadily ... interventions are seldom needed

 You do not empty the solids ... professionals will in 15-40 years and it will usually take around two hours ! You maybe sitting on a pot of, well not gold, but better than that if you are a gardener ... a long term poo-bank investment.

2..Urine is made odor-free and bacteria-free through nitrifiication ... this is

faster than the solids processing... it happens in just hours and it yields an

odor-free, safe to use fertilizer ... instructions available if you want to use it in

the garden ...

3. The container must be kept at low pressure ... we use an evacuation fan.

The 12V fan uses 1.6 watt and would require a 50Watt solar panel... the grid power fans use around 15-22 watt

When we say no maintenance, we mean you don’t have to “keep priming the pump” to keep the process going nor will it ever clog ... it largely takes care of itself. If the system needs intervention, it is because something is broken like replacing a fan.  The system is designed to not need maintenance, only inspections to see that all is well. A smart toilet just works !

                    Who would it serve ?

Depending on use, it can go 40 yrs more likely 15-30 before it fills up !

Making safe com-post at home is more complicated than most makers of composting toilets say it is. After trying it for 50 yrs we gave that up and made A SmartToilet