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What does smart really mean ?

A smart toilet does not offend any of our senses, it does not smell ever.  Not when we arrive, when we use it and not when we leave.   A smart toilet ventilates the whole bathroom down through the toilet and up above the roof.

A smart toilet does not need maintenance. It just keeps working based on the most inevitable of nature’s processes: TIME AND DECAY

A smart toilet uses no water.  Because of the design, the ventilation and smart  materials used, the smart toilet does not need flushing.  Please note: flushing a WC is not primarily for cleaning. It is for the transportation of wastes. When cleaning is needed, it is done by the little brush usually kept in the corner... a smart toilet does not transport toilet waste at all and it does not make it become a waste ...

A smart toilet does not clog, ever.  Thanks to its clever design clogging is impossible.

A smart toilet does not pollute. Nothing is discharged ever. There is no little pipe where pollutants can seep out. Removal of processed waste only happens by intent when it is pathogen and pollution free.

A smart toilet does not kill the oceans. According to Oceana, sewage and waste from sewage treatment plants is the No1 reason why the oceans are dying. http://www.slideshare.net/carllindstrom/sewage

A smart toilet does not transport waste.  90% of the total sewage treatment cost goes on  transportation

A smart toilet does not require  much cleaning.  First the inside shute is not stick, second, the ventilation draws air down so no smell ever comes  from underneith,  and third you don’t see anything because of an optical illusion ... when you look down into the smart toilet you see ...nothing.

A smart toilet contains and shrinks the waste  on site over decades. By the time you need to empty out the process tank 30-40 years down the road, the tank can be emptied by suction truck, which  takes around two hours. The tank can be emptied, and restarted.  It will then be ready for another long-term run. To see where the residual waste will go and how it will be processed, go to


This is the fascinating new strategy, the poo-bank has a pay back system !
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