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The game-changer:


Municipalities and the sewer industry both have recognized that treating  waste for on site dis-charge typically requires too much management and know-how for an average household to match the convenience of professional, central sewage treatment.  But what does sewage treatment actually do  ?  There is no need to destroy 5-6 lit of drinking-water every time we go to the loo. ... flush toilets  waste huge amounts of water and perhaps worse, waste the best fertilizer we have access to.  The new strategy: lets us save the water and save the plant-nutrients we now flush into the oceans, stop the spread of disease and eventually safely retrieve all that which should go back to the soil ... The new smart toilet system can be seen as a very cost-effective poo bank.


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How do I do it ?

By not needing to flush and still be experienced as better than a flush toilet

By always being odor-free

By looking good in any bath-room and not embarrasing anyone ...

Over 90% of the waste management cost, is for transportation. Who knew that it would be possible to contain our body waste at home for up to four decades without problems ...  Sounds too good to be true ? Yes it probably does ... but it isn’t and we have proven it for decades.

A smart toilet does not add water and therefore makes it possible to contain the end-product on site for up to 40 years ...

Why do we destroy the oceans with the best potential fertilizer we can get !  There is plenty of Phosphorous around if we put it into a “poo-bank”

Smart toilet by Carl Lindstrom